Amy’s 2015 adventures, thoughts, activities and ramblings:

Week 50: 2015 in review

Week 49: Editing myself

Week 48: The family you choose

Week 47: Practicing sincerely

Week 46: Open letter from my heart

Week 45: Concerned alumna 2015

Week 44: Busy mind problems

Week 43: Thoughts on the baby Cubs

Week 42: Near-death experience

Week 41: A case of the blahs

Week 40: Wild-card objections

Week 39: Seizing the days

Week 38: Phases of life

Week 37: Languages of love

Week 36: The power of a pronoun

Week 34: Pop in context

Week 32: Saving stresses

Week 31: July in review

Week 30: Yoga etiquette 101

Week 29: Totem pole problems

Week 28: More than cool

Week 27: The dating divide

Week 24: Six-month checkup

Week 23: Head in the clouds

Week 22: Keep the faith

Week 20: Working the dream

Week 19: Just getting started

Week 18: State of the show

Week 17: To swipe or not to swipe

Week 15: Money matters

Week 14: Life in the moment

Week 12: Just don’t call it luck

Week 11: Overwhelmed in L.A.

Week 10: Spoiled with love

Week 9: A one-day vacation

Week 8: The quarter-century mark

Week 7: Tales of a TV glutton

Week 6: Viva Las … nah

Week 5: Shake it off

Week 4: Happy to be happy

Week 3: L.A. and the single girl

Week 2: The happiness choice

Week 1: Taking stock

Really old stuff:

All growed up

Not everyone is cut out for this

Sometimes I’m a scaredy cat

Moving out, moving on

So no one told you life was gonna be this way

Well worth the wait

Church rush

My Corolla and I

Why are you smiling?

When did I become a feminist?

Lessons in living alone

I really hope I like my job

Writing the next chapter

Toto, we aren’t in Kansas anymore

Mommy, wow! I’m a big kid now

Missed opportunities or never too late?

Music for the moment

It can’t be May already. It just can’t be

The beauty of sports

10,000 hits

Do I deserve your full attention?

One semester down, one (and a thesis) to go

Productive procrastination

Thoughts on getting old

What works for you

My football fanaticism

A new appreciation for “me” time

Letting myself love fall

Choosing your perspective

Life in no-man’s land

My first-ever athletic feat

Yoga vs Pilates

The bane of my senior year existence

Lessons from my roommates

The beauty of an open schedule

Training my brain for grad school

A domestic diva? I guess so

Did I pass the test?

Let’s see how far I’ve come

Perfect timing

Who reads this anyway?

Miracle on 34th Street



Sweet-tooth shocker

Reasons to love a German girl

The city that never sleeps

Out of the city slump

If you have a religious bone in your body …

Summer without a scale

Checking in again

A foodie’s paradise

My New York needs

The perks of being an intern


America’s birthday, NYC-style

A mini vacation

The life of an intern: 10 days in

Who says all New Yorkers are mean?

Seeing it solo

Get me to the beach

My Broadway binge

Have I really only been here 12 days?

The food saga continues

No instructions

Obstacle one: Groceries

NYC: Let the adventures begin

Viva l’Italia: The reflections

Viva l’Italia: The schedule

Back to the blog

The underrated hygiene habit

Where I draw the line

Finding my fit

My own definition

Me in five words

A multitasking addiction

Back into the stress of things

My Christmas card letter

A huge first step

Food is fuel

Put on some pants!

Our educational vacations

The Body Issue

A disappointing piece of shocking irritation

In the nude

Some things never change

The heels and blazers dilemma

Where the women stand

Illinois game day from Mizzou perspective

Focus on the future

The pall of fall

I wish I were a sitcom junkie

You’re stronger than you think

The evil of the mass text

Sometimes things just work out

Loving lecture

The smart and emotional pick

The one that got away

A random passion

The transition-to-adulthood summer

My screen addiction

Losing my set of wheels

A great escape

Baby bump

The total package, the real deal

Top 10’s

I’m too young for this

The memory vs the man

The Palin problem

Green vs Cheap

Finally, success

Wrong in many ways

Killing those you love

One-way streets don’t work

Supreme stereotypes

It’s still summer

A love-hate relationship with Twitter

Who’s in the right here?

A good year, a really good year


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