10,000 hits

I just got there. After a year and eight months of journalism-ing, adventuring and blogging, I’ve made it into the realm of five digits.

WordPress tracks the traffic on my blog, so I’ve been looking forward to this upcoming milestone for a while and counting down the number of visits left before I got there. In my mind, at least, 10,000 hits is a significant accomplishment. I don’t know if these hits are due to just a few people checking regularly or people just browsing briefly, but in this case, it doesn’t matter. 10,000 hits is 10,000 hits.

So, whether you read or just increased the click count, thanks to everyone who helped me get here. Happy New Year, and here’s to another year of blogging. Hopefully, by the end of 2011, I’ll have completed a master’s degree and found a job, and I’ll be off on my own working in some new city, having tracked the journey every step of the way on this site..


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