A great escape

My family just got back from a long weekend at a cabin in northern Wisconsin. The owner of the cabin – my brother’s baseball coach – has been asking us if we wanted to use it for a couple years, and we just never had the time until this year (sad, but true). We didn’t entirely know what to expect going into the six-hour drive north, other than that the cabin was on a quiet lake outside a small fishing town.

We all really like to travel, and so were excited to go somewhere new. But, as I realized just before leaving, this was a little different than what we’ve done throughout my life. My mom’s really into history and always wanted trips to be educational, so we’ve scoured the East coast checking out cities, landmarks and historic sites. We drove out West through the Southwest to California, stopping at all the important places along the way, and we trekked to South Dakota to see the Badlands and Mount Rushmore. Once, the rest of us won and we spent spring break at a pool in Florida.

What I’m getting at is that we’d never really gone somewhere quiet and relaxing, just us, no itinerary. My mom, true to form, did check up on places for dinner and buy tickets to the Lumberjack World Championships (no joke!), but other than that we were just going with it. We hoped for good weather and planned to spend the days hanging out at the lake, swimming, boating, fishing and tanning.

This turned out remarkably well. The cabin and lake were beautiful, the weather came through for the most part and we all found enjoyable things to do to entertain ourselves. There was something so nice about waking up when the sun started coming through the windows and deciding what I wanted to do with no true obligations or plans – go for a run, eat breakfast, jump in the water, kayak around the lake, read in the cabin, go fishing, lie out on the dock.

And this all gets into my idea of escapism – a word my dad used a couple times during those five days. Much as my parents were frustrated by the inability to access the internet and my sister griped about her lack of cell service, I have to say I kind of liked it. It truly was getting away from it all, whatever it all may be. I didn’t have to worry about checking my email or working at my jobs or calling people back.

Basically, as much as I thrive on my busy schedule and jam-packed calendar, it’s nice to step back from that once in a while. I usually enjoy running around, making plans, seeing people, having things to do and being productive, but even a type-A like me needs (and deserves, I like to think) a break sometimes.

Even though I don’t have much that needs escaping from, it really was wonderful to escape.


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