A tiny, little crush

Those who know me well know that I have a small interest in Chace Crawford. It started when I began watching Gossip Girl, a show that deserves attention simply for the beauty of all of its actors and their wardrobes. Given my natural inclinations, the guy who plays Nate, with his blue eyes and shaggy hair, appealed to me most. When one of my best friends gave me a Chace Crawford poster recently, I was beside myself with excitement. For two years, she had this beautiful thing hanging in her room, and I nearly passed out every time I walked in, so it’s probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received.

Many of my friends make fun of me for the ridiculous giddiness I feel over Chace Crawford – which, I might add, is highly out of character for practical, rational me. So I began to wonder, what is it about him that so appeals to me? And I think I figured out what it is. Besides the gorgeousness, I realized that he’s pretty unique in the Hollywood realm. He comes from normal people, and I think I really like that about him.

So much of the entertainment industry is self-sustaining. Actors, producers, directors and musicians bring in their siblings, children, cousins, nieces and nephews, and not very often does completely fresh blood appear on the scene. Well, Chace Crawford’s family is pretty normal. A friend of mine belongs to the same country club as his parents; his dad is one of my resident’s dermatologist; his sister just graduated from my school with a degree in broadcast journalism. And he just showed up at her graduation – never mind that he’s a TV star – to give her a hug after the ceremony. It’s crazy to me to think that his family are regular people who just happen to be related to a celebrity, but it makes me happy to think that he grew up a normal kid (sure, probably with lots of girls crushing on him), not knowing who or where he would someday be. I like to think that because of this he’s pretty grounded and humble.

But the other thing I like about Chace Crawford’s story is the proof it offers that you don’t have to be Hollywood born-and-raised in order to make a career for yourself there. Another thing those close to me know is that I have always harbored a dream of being a movie or TV star – a dream I will likely never fully let go of – and it’s exciting to know that maybe someone as normal as me could actually do that.


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