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So, it’s been a while. Let’s just say this semester got a little overwhelming. I guess being an editor at the magazine, graphics designer at the newspaper, peer adviser, president of a club and fitness instructor will do that to you. I was more stressed out than I’d ever been, but I survived. I graduated, and now I’m done.

And here I am. Back to the blogging and updating, and I’m going to do my best to get caught up. So this is just a quick update before I delve into some specific posts about my adventures.

I graduated May 15. I now have a Bachelor of Journalism degree with an emphasis in magazine. Crazy, but true. I held on through the crazy semester to finish summa cum laude, which made me very happy. But the best part of my graduation was having my entire family at Mizzou all together for the first time ever with some time to just relax and show them my campus and what I’d been doing all semester. And the alleviation of my stress didn’t hurt either.

Then I packed up my room and packed up a suitcase that went with me to Italy. University Singers, my choir, spent two weeks traveling through eight different towns in Italy. It was an absolutely amazing and overwhelming trip. And it’s impossible to sum up, so more on that will come later.

Now I’m in New York City. I move into my apartment tomorrow and start my internship at Shape Magazine on Monday (more on both to come). I’ve spent the evening working on my summer bucket list (suggestions are encouraged!). All I’ll say for now is that my apartment building is literally next door to the Empire State Building and across the street from Macy’s (where the parade stops), so I couldn’t be more in the heart of things, and I am thrilled about that. I’m going to try to blog once or twice a week about my adventures here and what I’m thinking about as I go through them.

Then, after 10 weeks here, I’ll head back to Mizzou. I’m doing the one-year master’s in journalism program to further focus on magazine editing and develop my management skills. I’m moving into a house (no more Res Life!) with three of my best friends and will be working as a TA in the Journalism Communications Office. I’ll be doing press releases, event coverage, Twitter updates, etc., but the most important thing will be the relaunch of the journalism alumni magazine, of which I will largely be in charge. So it should be some great experience and a lot of fun.

So that’s the scoop. I need to get some sleep before my first full day as a New Yorker, which will include unpacking, grocery shopping at the Union Square market and greeting my roommates when they arrive, as well as (hopefully) writing some more detailed posts about Italy and my first days in New York — so be on the lookout for those.



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