Focus on the future

This week, I’ve found myself doing a lot of future planning. As it seems to go with me, one things gets me started and soon I’m sucked into a stressful but exciting time vacuum.

This time the trigger was next semester classes. It’s always a daunting challenge to figure out what I need to take, what I want to take and how they can be the same (and fit in a nice schedule). I invariably spend hours looking through course offerings to find preferences and back-ups. Usually I know full well much of the process will be out of my hands, but my efforts were made more significant and surreal by the final undergraduate semester that is looming. I’m excited but also apprehensive about this ultimatum for my degree, so I started early on my research. I can’t actually enroll for a few weeks, but now I have a plan.

I also decided to start my search for a summer internship. I know I want to be in the editorial department of a magazine in New York, but that sets me in front of a wide range of possibility. And I know many deadlines aren’t until February or March, but some start in November, and once I hear anyone talking about their efforts, I feel a need to get going. So I e-mailed my existing contacts in the Big Apple in hopes of maybe working something out in advance. If I could bypass any of the ‘research to query e-mail to Web search to e-mail again to resume and clips and cover letter to follow-up process, if I could beat the rush and avoid some of that spring stress … wow. I know it’s unlikely, but I’ve taken the first steps.

Finally, I also began my graduate school application. It’s not due until Jan. 1, but it has many components, so i don’t want to procrastinate. And I need to arrange recommendation letters and take the GRE. I started my application form, e-mailed about some rec letters and scheduled my test, which I can’t actually take until November. And the rec letters have more than two months to get written. And applications and essays don’t take that long, so there’s really no need for me to be stressing. But still, dates are set and I know what to do, so I’ve got it under control.

I guess the point I’m getting at is I’m aware of my neurosis. I can’t make a class wish list yet, some internship info won’t be posted for months, and I could probably wait another month before looking at the master’s program requirements, but for me, it’s not about the deadlines.

I get so excited thinking about these things that I’m ready to get started now. My next semester classes are going to be so interesting and rewarding. An internship in NY? It doesn’t get much better than that, and I can’t wait to take more classes as a graduate student and learn even more from this amazing school. With all these things, I want the best options possible, so I have to be the early bird. It doesn’t matter if I have months, it’s never too early to get started. And now the ball is rolling, so a weight is off my shoulders.

Until I remember I have homework due tomorrow.


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