I really hope I like my job

Because I love this company.

In case you don’t know, I am a Disney employee. That’s right: ESPN is owned by ABC/Disney.

Which means that my first day on the job was an orientation on all things corporate and all things Disney. Turns out this is a pretty great place to be.

Here’s why:

They truly believe in the idea that happy employees are better employees. They are very big on taking your hour lunch break, taking your vacation, and having a positive, fun, safe, healthy work environment.

They are incredibly focused on their carbon footprint and being eco-friendly. All employees are given reusable thermoses and water bottles, the cafeteria has biodegradable silverware and straws, and every waste receptacle has trash, recycling and composting (That’s right — ESPN composts).

The gym on campus offers high-quality cardio machines, group fitness classes, body composition assessments, personalized workout plans and massages — all free. (No, it’s not MizzouRec and it’s not TigerX, but it’ll definitely do).

They are building a new childcare facility for working parents, and they offer bridging of benefits if employees leave the company for a few years — both great examples of progress for females in the workforce.

I have pretty awesome benefits and insurance for a first-year employee. And these extend to employees’ children, spouses and same-sex partners — also pretty progressive. Not to mention, I get fun perks like Disney merchandise discounts and park passes.

There are intramural sports. Softball and volleyball are gearing up now. The Magazine will have teams. Not sure if I’m shameless enough to play, but it should be fun.

ESPN company Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) advocate for and host events for Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Black, female, working parent, LGBT, disabled and young professional employees. I might get involved with the women and YP groups.

They promote employee wellness and preventive care as means of lowering healthcare costs. I can sign up and get cash rewards for getting a body composition assessment and having a healthy BMI.

The LifeCare resource center offers services and assistance ranging from counseling and parenting to finding a dentist or hair salon in the area to planning a wedding.

Various speakers and events come to campus on a regular basis. I missed Adrian Peterson at the Magazine’s Welcome-to-Bristol barbecue last week, but I heard Seth Meyers talked this week. He was on campus to be interviewed on Sports Center in advance of his hosting of the ESPYs in a few weeks.

The current president, George Bodenheimer, started in the mailroom. And he’s coming to meet the Mag staff next week.

I got two bags of free stuff on the first day. If you know me, you know I was pretty pumped about that.

And this doesn’t benefit me at all, but it made me happy: All on-air talents write their own scripts. How about that?

So now I’m going to go learn about my actual job. Let’s hope that it’s just as good. And, more importantly, let’s hope I’m good at it and they keep me here a while.

  1. Amy, this sounds freaking amazing! I’m so excited for you! Join intramurals and meet lots of new friends!!! 🙂

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