I wish I were a sitcom junkie

It’s rather strange, but I never watched a sitcom before coming to college. I remember my mom watching Friends and Mad About You when I was in elementary school, but I was too little to pay much attention. I watched my PBS kids’ shows, and usually when the TV was on it was tuned to news. When reality TV burst onto the scene, my family (note: mom) got caught up in that, and through middle school we watched Survivor, American Idol and The Apprentice. Then I got to high school, my schedule filled up, and I realize those shows were pretty repetitive and dumb, so I stopped watching.

Long story short, I had come to the conclusion that TV was a waste of time. I didn’t have much free time, and what I did was better spent with a book or movie.

But then I came to Mizzou, and almost everyone on my floor watched Friends and/or The Office. So I started checking out these shows, and I absolutely loved them. “It’s like a really long movie broken up in little pieces,” I remember thinking. And I love movies. I began working my way through Friends, one DVD at a time, and they made me crack up outside and feel warm and happy inside. The shows and characters are fun and funny, and the value of TV on DVD cannot be exaggerated. Not only can you watch commercial-free whenever you want, but it’s so easy to find 20-some minutes in which to squeeze an episode!

So freshman year I caught up on The Office and worked my way through half of Friends. Sophomore year I kept going on the Central Perk gang and got hooked on Gossip Girl, which is ridiculous and trashy but oh-so-fun. Episodes online helped fuel the convenience of the TV addiction. And now I almost like scripted TV better than movies because the writers have so much more time to work with: the characters are better-developed, the story goes deeper, there’s more room for jokes and side notes, and there’s a new mini-story every episode.

Now this year I’ve started watching How I Met Your Mother, which is again super fun and funny – and conveniently on DVD. There are a number of other shows, including 30 Rock, Flash Forward and True Blood, that I want to start watching, but man, I’m starting to pile up a hefty TV schedule, and that’s just not going to work.

So when I say I wish I were a sitcom junkie, I mean I wish I had the time to be a TV junkie – to relax on the couch working my way through old episodes and eagerly await the next week’s installment – because I love television! But I don’t have that time, so I just have to be grateful that those DVDs will be waiting for me whenever I can get to them.


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