NYC: Let the adventures begin

I’m here! In New York City! In my apartment!

Ok, enough exclamation points. But yesterday morning I took my life in two huge suitcases and a backpack and hopped on a plane (so much air travel in so little time). The ride was a bit turbulent, and the man next to me fell asleep instantly so I couldn’t go to the bathroom, but I made it no worries. Embarrassed of myself, I grabbed my two enormous duffels and got in the cab line.

I planned the timing of my flight well on the front end, but not so much on the back, so my cab driver and I spent half an hour navigating rush hour traffic to get into midtown. But again, no worries, I’ll roll with it. Then we get into midtown, and he starts telling me that he can’t drop me off at the curb because it’s a bus lane and he’ll get a ticket. And then he doesn’t seem to know where the address is located and he passes it by two blocks. So he just drops me off, dumps my bags and drives away.

It was like something out of a movie. Suburban midwestern girl clueless in the big city with obnoxiously large suitcases. Yes, that was I. Luckily, three of my friends are living in the same building and had already moved in, so after a quick phone call, I got my bearings. Still, I had the immeasurable joy of trudging two crowded blocks with my bags and making a complete fool of myself. Here I am, New York! Watch out or my 70-pound bag will crush you!

But it was all worth it. The apartment building is literally next door to the Empire State Building. Our bedroom window looks out on the square in front of Macy’s — as in where the parade stops on Thanksgiving. Forever 21 and Gap are on either side, and H&M and Loft are across the street. We are right in the heart of it, New York, New York. Our kitchen and bathroom are tiny, but we have a nice big bedroom and a nice big living room. Given the location and price, I’m pretty excited.

So I settled in, changed into more New Yorker-esque clothes, and we went to get — you guessed it! — pizza. I just spent two weeks in Italy, but I’m still thrilled to be in a city with pizza on pretty much every block. I got my unlimited subway pass, and we headed out, strolling through the neighborhood as we ate. I already know one of my favorite activities this summer is going to be just walking around and taking it all in.

After making our way back to the apartment, I sat down to work on my “Summer in NYC Bucket List.” I’ve been asking friends for contributions, and I had some things of my own already, but I felt some research was in order. And man, was I overwhelmed by what I found when looking online. I don’t know where to start, or where to end. It’s a good thing the list can be a constant work in progress. As The Lion King taught me: “There is more to see than can ever be seen. More to do than can ever be done.”

Then we decided to go check out the terrace at the 25th floor of our building. Well, it isn’t’t much of a terrace, but there is a window. Looking out of it, you feel like you can almost touch the Empire State, and it seems the entire city is spreading around you. So we stood up there just taking it all in for a while.

What a great way to celebrate my first night here.

P.S. Bucket list suggestions are always welcome and strongly encouraged!


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