A domestic diva? I guess so

About a week before I left New York, one of my school roommates texted me a picture of a turkey in our future neighborhood, and I knew I was in for a big change. You don’t see wild animals walking around the streets of the concrete jungle.

And then two days after leaving the big city, I moved into my new house here in Columbia. I love everything about it, and I think the contrast between these two scenes makes me love it even more.

Our house has floral granny-like wallpaper. Some laugh, but I say it gives it character. It’s cute and homey. We have carpet and a fireplace — we even have a treadmill. I love coming home to a place that feels like a home, and that feeling is increased because I share this house with some of my best friends. On top of that, we have lots of space. Nice big bedrooms, spacious kitchen and living room.

We also have a yard, which gets me to the neighborhood. A family with toddlers lives across the street; there’s a playground down the road. I might still be in college, but I love feeling like I live in a real place. And we have that within walking distance of campus.

On the other side of campus is a neighborhood that’s all students, and part of me had wanted to live there for the proximity to friends and weekend happenings, but I couldn’t be happier with where we ended up. That area is more crowded with cars and people, it’s dirtier and noisier, and although it would be great for Friday and Saturday, I don’t want to deal with all that Sunday through Thursday. Our neighborhood is clean and quiet. Plus, this feels like a place to relax, an escape.

So for the first time in college, I feel like I have a home to go to and a place to really get away from school stress. For the first time, I don’t work where I live, and that’s already made such an immense difference. It’s making me all domestic: I want to decorate. I want to host guests. I really want to cook.

It seems kind of natural because this is the first opportunity I’ve had to do these things. I didn’t have any means to cook this summer, and I’ve never had a place to have people over (a dorm room isn’t really conducive). For the first time, I have a nice big house and a fully stocked kitchen. Second, I really missed my friends and that feeling of home while in New York, so I love now having a place for everyone to get together. But I think it’s also just feeling older and wanting to do these things on my own, for myself. I’m at a point where I like the idea of being a provider and nurturer.

In fact, the same roommate who sent me the turkey noted that I seem more motherly to her. Even though I’m definitely not there yet, that could be true. I’m beginning the transition out of the college part of my life into the real adult part, but don’t worry — kids are still a long, long way off.


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