My Corolla and I

We’re very happy together. It’s been more than two months, and we are going strong. Fun to drive, reliable, great gas mileage, smooth ride.

I might love my Corolla a little extra because it’s my first car. I bought it myself. I own it. That’s still kind of strange to me.

It also helps that I just love driving — period. It’s something I missed a lot in college and last summer in New York. The act of driving, being behind the wheel, rolling the windows down, singing along with the radio. Getting to drive is enough to make me happy to not live in most big cities.

But my ride and I are both a little in love with driving in the state of Connecticut. We’ll admit it.

Some basic principles about CT roadways:
Add about 20 to the posted speed limit.
Change lanes with abandon
Feel free to drive halfway onto the shoulder to go around someone turning (I SWEAR I have not done this and won’t, but many do)

Other things to know and love:
Everything’s within 25 minutes of everything else in the area
You drive almost exclusively on small highways
There is never any traffic — seriously

Given that I like driving quickly and I love highway driving, I’m a pretty happy camper out here. People often ask me about my commute, and I have to correct them when they react negatively to a 20-minute drive. No, I don’t love the $4-a-gallon gas, but I don’t mind my commute at all. It’s easy and simple and mostly on the highway. It’s just enough time to get myself prepared for the day or unwind after work. It’s my built-in daily time to rock out to music or catch up with a friend.

And no, none of this means I’m a wild and crazy driver now. I am perfectly safe, astute and defensive, and I certainly plan to avoid Connecticut cops. I studied my drivers ed book back in the day, and I haven’t forgotten (scan your eyes every 3 seconds, check your mirrors every 5-8). In fact, I would still argue that I am a better driver than most people on the road.

The fact is, I just love driving. And I love my car.

And little things like that make my life happy.


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