Sometimes I’m a scaredy cat

In general, I’m not a person who scares easily. Ask my parents, who learned early on that I liked to take care of myself. It hasn’t been rare in the past few months for someone to tell me I’m brave when they learn that I moved to a state where I knew — quite literally — not a soul. But I never really thought twice about it.

The truth is, I never wanted to live alone. I’ve always said I would be too scared at night, being the only person who lives there. But I didn’t have much choice because I certainly wasn’t turning down an offer from ESPN. That said, I’m happy to say that fear has not been an obstacle I’ve encountered since moving into my own apartment. However, this got me thinking about the things I AM afraid of. Turns out there are more than I might’ve thought.

Does this serve some purpose? Maybe it’ll be therapeutic in some way? No, probably not. More likely, I’m just setting myself up for a nasty prank. Oh well.

In no particular order, here are the things that terrify me and/or freak me out:

1. Spiders: Any other insect, I’ll take care of, but show me a spider and I’m done for.

2. Razor blades: Get them away from me.

3. Needles: After several bad experiences, I can’t stand the sight of them.

4. Clowns: How are they supposed to be funny?

5. Mascots: I don’t know what creep is inside! I can’t see his face!

6. Skydiving: Seriously, you could die. Why risk it?

7. Hitting a pedestrian while driving a car: Maybe this is the result of city/college town driving, but I could never live with myself.

8. Drowning: I think that’d be the worst way to go.

9. Nursing homes: Ugh, they just make me so uncomfortable.

10. Alzheimer’s: It would break my heart to not remember my life and the people in it.

11. Losing my hair: I would not be a cute bald chick.

12. Being unable to have children: Totally irrational, but it’s truly something I worry about.

13. Going blind: Probably my most ridiculous fear, but I’m genuinely afraid.

14. Wiping out while carrying a tray of food: I somehow made it through school without this happening, but that doesn’t mean I’m in the clear.

15. Gauge earrings: Gross, gross, gross.

16. The sound of popping balloons: Hate it. And I’m also pretty much the jumpiest person ever, so that doesn’t help.

I’m sure there are more (I’m open to suggestions from those who know me best). Perhaps I’ll add later. But that’s good for now.

Go easy on me, please.


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