Sometimes things just work out

Have you ever had one of those days where everything just seems to go your way? Well, I just had one of those weekends. It’s now Monday night, and I’m still in a good mood about it.

It was a weekend to cram a lot in to two days, including a drive from Columbia to Chicago to the suburbs and back with one of my best college friends. Nothing stresses me out more than travel trouble, and we had a gloriously small amount of that. Sure, there was a little traffic through St. Louis and a crazy bout of fog on the way through Illinois, and coming home we got off an hour later than expected and missed an exit, but other than that it went very smoothly.

We got into Chicago Friday night, where we were staying with one of my best high school friends, and found the apartment just fine. We made pancakes Saturday morning before heading off to walk around the city. The day’s predicted rain held off and we enjoyed cloudy but comfortable fall temperatures. Heading downtown, the first available parking garage was right next to our destination, Millenium Park. We walked up the street to Navy Pier, where the University of Illinois marching band (including another of my best friends!) was performing. I still can’t get over the amazing coincidence of us both being in Chicago, at Navy Pier, at the same time.

After that, we easily navigated our way to the zoo to see the animals before heading out of the city. One traffic-free hour later, we met up with my family for dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, where I was incredibly hungry and thus capable of eating a ton of some of my favorite foods. Another of my best friends was able to come over that night because she’s spending a semester at home. College friend, high school friend and family all enjoyed one another, making the whole evening super fun for me.

Sunday I got to sleep in but still woke up at a decent hour (always the  best scenario). We had a delicious breakfast of cinnamon rolls and fruit (ah, fruit!). Again, I seemed to have the appetite of a pregnant woman. My dad helped me book a flight to North Carolina for a camp reunion, and my parents agreed to make it a Christmas present, so I don’t have to worry about paying that bill. The grad school conversation I was really nervous about went very well, and my parents are supportive of the idea. The day was beautiful, sunny and crisply fall-ish. Timing worked out perfectly for us to visit relatives in town and see all the highlights of the big CL before we needed to hit the road back to Columbia.

Everyone was in a great mood all weekend. My siblings’ schedules were crazy, but I at least got to see each of them for a bit. My parents were happy to see me, and I had a lot of fun being with them. Unlike typical weekends home, I got to see three of my best friends. I got the clear to go to North Carolina and to spend another year at Mizzou. And one of my biggest worries was assuaged in that Rachel clearly had a great time, both downtown and out in the ‘burbs. All in all, everything just seemed to click, including getting homework done on the safe drive home.

I think I just had one of my best weekends ever, and I’m just counting myself really lucky.


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