Sweet-tooth shocker

Anyone who knows me knows that I love ice cream. A lot. Like, almost as much as life itself.

But I have an important announcement to make: Ice cream isn’t my favorite thing in the world anymore.

That title now belongs to frozen yogurt.

I knew before this summer that I really, really liked frozen yogurt. The arrival of a little place called YogoLuv in Columbia cemented that in my mind (and, let’s not lie, the minds of the entire J-school). But froyo is huge in New York, so I have taken advantage of the many brands, flavors and toppings, and it is my new true love. Here’s why.

1. Most importantly, it’s delicious. Sweet and smooth and creamy and refreshing. And no, it doesn’t taste like yogurt (at least, not the kinds I like); it tastes like ice cream, only better.

2. It gives me complete control. While there are some places that do it for you (overrated Pink Berry and Red Mango), the best frozen yogurt places put all the power in my hands. I get to choose from a variety of flavors and a variety of toppings, and then pay by the ounce. I can pick sweet or fruity, berries or chocolate, a lot or a little (silly question). Which segues to the next thing to love …

3.  It’s exciting. With froyo, every time I go, wherever I go, even in CoMo (ok wow, that was a bit ridiculous), there is a new flavor … or four, so I can keep my taste buds guessing with every frozen yogurt trip. Plus, these places aren’t stingy with their free samples, so I try all the new kinds. The best place I’ve been here is 16 Handles, so named for the 16 dispensers of constantly changing flavors.

4. It doesn’t weigh me down. Although you have to give me an enormous quantity of ice cream to really fill me up, on hot days ice cream is often too heavy. Not so with frozen yogurt. It’s just as sweet and creamy, but it’s lighter and I don’t feel fat after eating it. And in the heat of this summer, avoiding that heaviness has been crucial. (This is also why soft serve has been more appealing this summer than ever before)

5. It’s good for me. As much as I want to just let myself indulge in ice cream, whenever I do I have a hard time ignoring the guilt. No such thing with frozen yogurt. Especially with the quality kinds, frozen yogurt is fat-free and high in protein, calcium and probiotics. So it’s healthy, guilt-free and full of things vegetarians like me are always looking for.

And with that, I’m filing for a divorce to end my nearly 20-year  marriage to ice cream and running off with my new flame. I know we will be very happy together.

  1. There is no yogurt in the world that tastes like creamy ice cream. Impossible. Your taste buds are fooling you. Evidently you have not tried a side-by-side blind taste test. Nor have you apparently tried the ever so yummy Edy’s Mango or Summer Peach Pie flavors. To absolutely die for.

    This love you have found will not last. You will be in divorce court before school starts. Guaranteed.

  2. Amy Brachmann

    Or perhaps you, sir, have just not had frozen yogurt in New York.

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