The city that never sleeps

If for no other reason, I belong here because New York and I are the same in that regard. I really don’t have much to say on the topic, but I feel the need to share: I am going to be exhausted when I get leave.

Not just because I am doing a lot, which I am. My friends and roommates already think I don’t sleep because I find something to do every day and evening, including week nights, and I typically go to bed last and get up first.

I am exhausted because I have never slept so poorly in my life. I’ve always been a light sleeper who has trouble calming her mind (“Turn your brain off,” my mom used to say to elementary-school me), but that’s nothing compared to how I sleep here. I have had almost no caffeine for seven weeks, and I don’t really sleep in on the weekends, so I should be ready to crash every night, but I have more trouble than ever falling asleep. I read every night, just like at home, but instead of dozing off after half an hour or so, I could read for hours and still be wide awake.

It’s so frustrating because I know I’m tired. But there are bright lights outside the window, taxis honking in the street and a performer of some sort (typically drums or bagpipes, go figure) on the corner, all of which keep my mind stimulated even as I try to relax. Once I do fall asleep, the noises continue sporadically throughout the night, likely preventing me from ever really settling into sleep. And then there’s the stuffiness and temperature (either too hot or too cold) of the apartment, which doesn’t make for comfortable nights, either.

I’ve been waiting for an epic crash to hit, but it hasn’t, so think I’ll just make it through the summer. There’s nothing to be done about it, other than vowing to never again live at one of the busiest intersections in the busiest city in the country. And I can’t complain too much; I’m grateful for the convenience and proximity of where I live. It’s a great place for 10 weeks — but it’s made them 10 sleep-deprived weeks.

So I can’t relax now, but once I’m back to dark, cool, quiet Crystal Lake and Columbia nights, I’m going to sleep so, so well and never take that for granted again.


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