The food saga continues

So we found the groceries. Now the problem is storing them.

After my only somewhat successful jaunt to the farmers market and Duane Reade, we ordered some more food online. I have soup, cereal, milk, eggs, yogurt, almonds, fruits and vegetables. That should hold me for quite a while, one would think.

That thought changed when I went to eat some of my food the first morning and found that my produce was frozen. “Well, the fridge is on 7 out of 9,” I thought, and turned it down. Later that day — still frozen, so we turned it down again. By the end of the day, it was on 1, and the next morning, my spinach was a solid block and the strawberries in my yogurt were chilling to bite into.

So one of my roommates decided to put the fridge on zero. Well, naturally, that turned it off and things were far too warm the next morning. The dairy products are still ok, but clearly zero was clearly crossed out as an option.

Maintenance man comes Monday and tells us that it “looks like a new fridge” and he doesn’t know what the problem is, so there’s really nothing he can do. Which I say is simply unacceptable, so I contact our management. Apparently someone came to fix it again today, and then said person left it on setting 5 — too cold.

Freezing and thawing really isn’t good for fruits and vegetables, but I’ve toughed it out. After all, after so much trouble acquiring this food, you better believe I’m going to at least try eat it. Chilled strawberries in my yogurt yesterday; apple with frost on it today. The grapes definitely aren’t the brightest shade of green, but they’ll do. Only the stiff block of spinach might have to go.

And yeah, the produce is still frozen. We’ve turned the fridge down to 2, and I guess we’ll see in the morning how this works out for us. But tonight I ate cereal with chunks of frozen milk for dinner. An egg wasn’t going to happen because I couldn’t tell if it was frozen. And I really wanted soup but realized as I was about to make it that we don’t have a can opener.

Gotta love my “fully furnished” apartment — but whatever, it’s still in New York City.


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