The heels and blazers dilemma

In many ways I’m your average college kid, but I am sick of casual clothes. I love wearing sweats and a T-shirt as much as the next person, but that’s not what I’m thinking when I get ready in the morning. That’s not how I want to present myself as I go through my day. I’m not saying I need pinstripes and 4-inch pumps every day, but I like to look nice. I’ll often wear slacks and a sweater and get asked what I’m dressed up for, to which I respond ‘No reason’ or ‘Just because’ or ‘For rocking at life,’ depending on the inquirer and my mood.

Over the past few years, my shopping perspective has changed. It helps that once you’re done growing, your clothes don’t necessarily need replacing every year or so, so I’ve accumulated a plentiful collection of jeans and sweatshirts. But, really, I just have to say I’m bored with all that. It’s not fancy, it’s not classy and it’s not professional.

When I go shopping now, all I want to look at are the business-y clothes: the skirts and heels and suits and tops and jewelry. It’s really kind of silly because often I don’t have the money to buy these nicer things, and even when I do, they don’t get much use. I own two nice blazers and a pair of leather boots that I love, but they’re guilt-tripping me from the closet 98 percent of the time. The trouble is, there just isn’t much opportunity to wear these things on a college campus. Yes, I can pull off the dress pants or nice sweater every couple days, but I’d get weird looks walking around in a pencil skirt and pumps on a regular basis. Besides, college involves a lot of walking, and my feet aren’t quite up to that.

Still, I don’t regret these purchases for a second. They might not get a ton of playing time, but I guess it’s another one of those forward-looking things. In addition to the fact that these are fun clothes, I get excited thinking about how I’ll wear them in the future. Is it bad that one of the things that excites me about starting a job is the wardrobe? I don’t think so. And I can’t help it if I’m excited to dress to go into the office once I work for a magazine. It’s a classy business – in more ways than one.

And in the meantime, I’ll just keep gradually accumulating my work attire.


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