Perfect timing

In many ways, I feel like the end of my time in New York is coming at the perfect time. I’m just about out of food, contact solution, soap and clothes. I’ve done pretty much everything I wanted to do (for which I feel extremely accomplished). I met with nearly all the industry people who replied to my e-mails.

But perhaps most important, I feel like it’s the right time to leave my internship, too. Yesterday was my last day, and it was a great day. I had some work to do, but my boss also took me out for a really fun lunch, during which we talked about her, me, the magazine, what I’ve learned, where I hope to go from here, and more. I finally got to meet the Editor in Chief, and I got to fill a bag with whatever I wanted from the beauty closet.

So that was a fun day, but I wasn’t sad when it was over. I’m ready to be finished with Shape. I’ve had a great time there this summer, I’ve loved my bosses, I’ve gotten to do a lot, and I’ve met some great people. I saw the production cycle go through two entire issues. My boss was finalizing the August cover story the day I started and finishing October this week. So even though my name isn’t anywhere except the bottom of the masthead (though above the other interns; it’s alphabetical), my hands are all over the September and October issues. I worked with my boss on the research, interview questions, transcripts, proposals, profiles, inside stories and bonuses. I copy edited most of the pages in both issues. I searched for items for both “hot new stuff” pages. Along the way, I got to go to a few shoots and a few movie screenings. I worked with some publicity matters, as well as watching and listening to my boss as she negotiated with publicists on a daily basis. I did a lot of random administrative and assistant work, such as scheduling meetings and shipping giveaways.

After two rounds of all that for the magazine, I feel it’s a good time to leave because I think I’ve gotten everything I can from this internship. In the position I had, I think I got to do as much as I was going to and learned as much as I could. Unless I moved to another department or position, I don’t think staying longer in that office would benefit me further. It would be more experience, but it would be more of the same, and I think I’ve already gained as much as I can from that.

I also think I’m ready to leave because I know that Shape is not my dream magazine. I like the people there, and I like the magazine (I subscribed before getting the job), but I think there is a better fit for me. There are other magazines better suited to my personality and passions. Plus, I came to realize this summer that I want to be in a co-ed office environment (Shape is pretty much all women), so there’s that to consider.

So as much as I enjoyed my time at Shape and learned a lot, I’m not sad to go because I’m not saying goodbye to my dream job. And that’s a good thing; I didn’t want to land my dream job as an intern. Instead, I think this internship could turn out to be exactly what I’d hoped for: A springboard to get me to my dream job, wherever that might be.

  1. It sounds like this whole experience was perfect. And is ending as such too! I’m so glad to see you had such a great summer and can’t wait to see you soon.

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