The one that got away

Sorry to anyone who’ll be disappointed, but this is not a heartsick lost love story. I’m referring to the month of August, and the fact that it’s gone and I have paid almost no attention to this site for a while. So I figure I’ll offer an explanation of what’s been happening, in the form on an update on my life.

The first week of August was my last at home, so that meant a frantic scramble of packing and seeing friends and family. Plus, the internships had taken me up on my request to make the most out of the end, and I was kept busy covering events and finishing features. Somehow, it all got done, and come Friday night all my belongings were packed.

Now I’ve been back at Mizzou for three weeks, and I’m loving it as usual. As much as I enjoyed this summer and definitely got a lot of great experience, I was more than ready to go back to being a college kid after my temporary run as an adult. The first week back was Residential Life training, which is a crazy six days of 7:30 a.m. to 10 p.m. schedules – and then you do all your bulletin boards, door signs and, oh yeah, maybe unpack. It was a lot easier the second time around, but I was also a training leader and so had some new responsibilities: I taught module info sessions, led some staff activities, acted in role-play scenarios and had a “small group” of new staff members. That was probably the most fun thing, because we got to know each other and I got to be a resource for them. At the end of the week, one of them requested we all meet once a month for dinner, and that just about made my week.

Then the residents started arriving, and we had a week’s worth of activities with them: ice cream socials, tours, pool parties, book discussions, movies, faculty mixers and the week ended with Tiger Walk, in which the freshmen walk through the columns toward the main hall on campus, symbolizing their entrance to Mizzou. As PAs, we get to stand there like proud parents while our residents come through. I take lots of pictures. Also during that week I had the chance to catch up, although very briefly, with many of my friends and reacquaint myself with the Rec.

My residents and FIG are awesome so far – a really fun, nice group of people who are excited and outgoing but also laidback. The most obscure incident so far happened when a resident was skipping/jumping and managed to bash his head on a bar in the ceiling, requiring stitches and replacement ceiling tile. He’s okay, but it definitely made for some jokes on the floor. Our PA staff is great again, with a mixture of new and old, and I’m pretty excited about our plans for the semester.

Classes started this past week and it’s going to be busy as usual, but I think I’m really going to enjoy this semester. I’m pretty excited about all of my classes, even if they are going to be difficult. I have communications law, which is the standard lecture/notes/test format that I like; magazine editing, which is going to be a challenge but I’m pumped because it’s what I want to do (I actually enjoyed our first grammar assignment); intermediate writing, which is targeted at the narrative style of magazines and should be more enjoyable than reporting, although still a lot of work; magic and religion, which is all about Harry Potter and our textbooks are the novels, so that’s awesome; and women and the media, which is a discussion class about various gender issues and so far seems very interesting. So that’s that.

Other than that, I’m in the process of settling in to my schedule. I’m teaching eight TigerX classes a week: core fusion, mat pilates, tiger pump and abs & glutes. I was probably excited beyond the normal amount to be back in those studios, but what could be better than getting paid to work out, in great facilities, with awesome co-instructors? I’m giving my first ambassador tours of the journalism school next week, so that should be fun. I’m now president of magazine club, so I’ve been meeting with the exec board and adviser to plan our first meeting. My female acapella group has been practicing for a wedding next weekend, and I made the top curricular choir again, so I’ve gotten to do a lot of singing as well. And, of course, ResLife meetings and events take up much more time than even free room and board can compensate.

So yeah, the schedule requires a little getting used to, but it will work itself out. This weekend is really the first break in about three weeks, so I’ve enjoyed some time to relax with friends, catch up on sleep and hang by the pool. Overall, however, I’m very excited about getting back into the swing of things and people here at Mizzou and I think for the first time I can say that everything I’m doing this semester falls into one of two categories: either I really love it or it’s incredibly relevant to my future. And, most often, it’s actually both.

Hope August treated everyone well – good luck in September!

  1. Valerie Brachmann

    Awesome update Amy! I really enjoyed reading it and even got a few giggles out of it too! That kid with the head injury must have jumped really high!
    Love you!

  2. So happy to hear you’re loving what you’re doing. Your classes sound like fun, but a LOT of work to have all at once. You’re a pro at time management. 🙂

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