The Palin Problem

In the brief breaks the media’s taking from celebrity deaths in the last week, we’ve gotten two things: Barack in Russia and Sarah Palin’s resignation. It’s a strange turn of events, and it definitely seems like something more is under the surface.

In an interview, Palin explained her decision as being what’s best for her state and family. She said that since the election, efforts at major change and legislation are met with lawsuits and ethics violations. Although so far she hasn’t been found guilty, her point was that it’s a waste of time and taxpayer money going through all these legal proceedings when someone else could just be running a government. She says she wants to stop the waste and, since she’s not planning on running for re-election, she wants to be honest with her constituents and just get out now. Plus, she says it’s the best thing for her family.

That seems to make sense. She speaks a lot about government waste and how she doesn’t want it, so her $500,000 in legal fees probably doesn’t sit so well with her. She’s taken a lot of hits since being tapped as McCain’s VP nominee in August, and that can’t have been easy on any of the Palins. Transparency with voters is always a winning pledge, so it also makes sense that she’d want to be up front about not running again. But as much as a lame duck period can be useless, many are saying she’s not finishing her job, and it’s a strange interpretation of the political process to say she should just get out now – but we know she likes being a Maverick.

Still, that all seems a little fishy and most of us are wondering what’s really going on, what she’s really thinking, what else has happened. There’s been speculation that something else has gone wrong in the Palin family, but the interview on a fishing boat seemed meant to prove that wrong. There’s been speculation that some other scandal is going to come out, but resigning the governorship won’t get her out of that. There’s speculation that after a high-profile campaign and designer clothes, she had a hard time adjusting to the dirt and ruggedness of Alaska, but again, fishing seemed to negate that. There’s speculation that she wants to get involved in politics on the continental U.S., putting her closer to Washington.

And that’s where, no matter what you’re speculating, this all ends up: is she on going to run for president, and if so, when? But I really think this is a moot point now. After the 2008 election finished up, she was basically a fool in the eyes of far too many Americans (whether that’s her own fault or a media slander is another question entirely). Between debates, interviews and SNL, a lot of people don’t take her seriously. A good chunk of her own party and state don’t like her. And as shaky as Obama’s credentials may have been, she really doesn’t have enough experience to be qualified for the presidency.

So I didn’t see her running for president to begin with. Now that she’s quit the highest office she’s ever held, I think we can safely say there’s not much chance. Maybe she could run, but she won’t win, much less get the nomination. But no matter what happens politically, in Alaska and nationwide, there can’t be much doubt the Palin clan deserves a little break from the limelight.


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