The total package, the real deal

Some friends and I recently saw Beyonce in Chicago, and let’s just say it was quite an experience. We were incredibly excited, and the show did not disappoint, with an amazingly long performance, multiple costume changes, colorful lights, bright stages, projector screens and video clips. But as much as that enhanced the evening, we really were there for one reason only – to see Beyonce. Nothing else was required.

And that’s what made the concert so incredible: Beyonce doesn’t need anything else. She’s the total package and doesn’t squeak by in any category. From her incredible pipes to her intense dancing to her gorgeous looks, she really has it all and every aspect of her performance pulls its own weight. I think that’s very rare in performers today, who often need a lot of dance coaching or just get by on looks or use sound technology to hide their real voices.

None of that for Beyonce. She is a true diva, a title she so relishes. And what’s more, she can do it all, from gentle ballads to belting anthems to upbeat dance mixes to hip-hop beats. And let’s not forget she’s making her way as an actress, too. This girl is legit. She really can’t be stopped.

But, as we discussed on the ride home, what’s most appealing about Beyonce is how she is as a person.

The whole “Sasha Fierce” alter ego seems a little strange at first, but it makes sense. Seeing her in real life and on interviews, Beyonce is extremely laidback and contented. But get her up on stage and she’s pounding out the dance moves and singing all her frustrations. And you can feel the emotion she pours into her music and performances. She’s able to maintain her poise and composure in her daily life without losing that intensity in her shows. That calmness seems to be working well for her in maintaining her privacy, too.

An unquestioned triple threat of singing, dancing and acting, Beyonce is still able to keep her private life private. She has kept a relationship with a major celebrity not only going for years but also out of the eye of the paparazzi. She is one of the most gorgeous women in the world, but she stays out of trouble and tabloids. She appeals to teenagers and pop fans, but doesn’t degrade herself through the spectacle. In short, she’s a rare example of classy and sexy; she flaunts her rocking body but earns our respect at the same time – and that’s hard to do.

So I have to say it wasn’t surprising when nearly everyone I told about the concert expressed some awe or jealousy. What’s not to love about this entertainment powerhouse? The woman who puts out soulful love songs and energizing rants against the male species, who shows off what she’s got but exudes glamour, who clearly loves her art and values her fans, who married a superstar but keeps her private life just that. She manages to do it all – extremely well – but maintains a little mystery, too, and that more than anything keeps our interest.


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