Top 10’s

So I’ve been kind of at a loss for good ideas lately. And since writing never works when it’s forced, I’m undergoing a little change of pace – below are Top 10 lists (not necessarily ranked) of my favorite and least favorite things. These are partly inspired by my suitemates from last year, who once made ‘love’ and ‘hate’ lists, and partly by the plethora of summer lists I’ve been reading lately.

Here goes:

Top 10 Things I Love

-Blue skies, thunderstorms and above-65 temperatures

-Ice cream and Italian food

-Hugs, smiles and being with people I love

-Singing, dancing and laughing (until there are tears, aching abs and no sounds)

-Entertainment: movies, music, books, magazines and theatre

-Travel and scrapbooking, and knowing while something happens that I’m making a great memory

-Sunshine and getting a tan

-Crossing things off a to-do list

-Paying with exact change and finding really good deals at expensive stores

-Meeting people and learning their stories

Bonus: Hope, faith and thinking about my future

Top 10 Things I Hate

-Spiders and cockroaches

-Needles and razor blades

-Gray skies and below-50 temperatures

-Being asked to repeat myself or being asked a question and then ignored when answering

-Wearing socks, winter hats and scarves – and the subsequent staticky hair

-The smell of fish

-Stereotypes and prejudices

-Fake behavior

-Playing soccer or basketball

-Eating alone

Bonus: The thought of running out of time or potential unfulfilled

Okay, there we have it. That may only be how I feel right now, but I think that’s pretty true to who I am.


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