Week 1: Taking stock

Hello again! Yes, it has been a solid three years since I’ve done this, but I’ve decided to pick the old habit back up. One of my resolutions for 2015 is to blog once a week. So if you so choose, you can look forward to regular updates on my various adventures, thoughts, activities and ramblings.

You could say 2014 was a BIG year for me. I got a new job, I moved to a new city, I drove across the country (in four days with only my mint plant for company), I was in two weddings, I went to Europe, I got out of a two-year relationship, I got my first black eye, I paid off my car, I traveled a lot. … No wonder I feel tired.

Heading into 2015, I think I have very little to complain about: I have a job I love. I have fantastic roommates and a fantastic apartment. I live in the place I’ve wanted to live for as long as I can remember. I have a wonderful family and great friends all around the country. I’m healthy. I keep busy. I have the means to enjoy my 20s while also saving money.

But even so, a new year is grounds for thinking. I haven’t come up with anything drastic to change, but I have put together a list of things I would like to do better or more. Here goes:

1. Read more books. I started this one a few months back, when I realized I wasn’t carving out time for one of my favorite things: Books. Why is that? I subscribe to too many magazines. Even I didn’t think that was possible, but it actually is (how many? I think 18). So I’m opting not to renew the half of them that I don’t love in order to get back to the books.

2. Play guitar. Beginning in 2011, I taught myself to play the guitar. Learned all the chords, mastered some strumming patterns, played lots of pop songs. And then I kind of stopped doing it. As in, I maybe played five times in 2014. Yikes. I’m challenging myself to play at least once a week this year.

3. Scrapbook. I’ve been scrapbooking every significant event/trip/show/weekend/whatever of my life since my 11th birthday, when I received a scrapbooking kit. Needless to say, I am invested. But I’ve gotten pretty behind over the past year. Being in two musicals, moving across the country and working nights (which means you spend your days out and about, instead of on the couch) will do that. It’s time to get back on track.

4. Eat less dessert. It’s no big secret that I have a sweet tooth — a bad one. Dessert makes me happy. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, I have a lot coming up in the spring for which I want to be back at my fighting size, so I’m going to cut back (some), starting with a sugar-free January. Alcohol-free, too.

5. Sleep better. I think I get enough sleep. At least, I get more sleep than most people I know. However, I am not a good sleeper. It takes me a long time to fall asleep, I can’t stay asleep, I wake up easily, napping is not my thing, and I often don’t feel rested even after seven or eight or even nine hours. That must mean I have to sleep better, and I plan to do that by cutting down on caffeine in the afternoon and screen time at night.

6. Run better. I run a lot. It’s my go-to exercise. But I don’t love it the way I used to. It’s started to feel like more of a chore. I’m not quite sure why — injuries and asthma troubles, probably — but I’m hoping to remedy this and get back to enjoying the miles.

7. Give myself a break. At risk of sounding like a crazy person, I have a tendency to live by the to-do list. Each day has tasks to accomplish, errands to run or a project to finish. When I have time to myself, I usually spend it “getting things done,” instead of relaxing. So I want to give myself permission to stop and sit down and leave the list for tomorrow (except the urgent stuff, of course).

8. Blog weekly. Pretty much covered this one already. Haven’t done it in a few years, but now I’m back at it.

Also, a few more concrete and concise goals for 2015:

1. Get a promotion. Hopefully by 2016, you’ll be calling me General Editor.

2. Save $8,000. No more car payment should get me almost halfway there.

3. Travel to four new cities. I’m thinking Vegas (already planned), San Diego, Nashville and TBD.

4. Run three races. Including, hopefully, my first half-marathon.

5. Most importantly, continue being the best friend and family member I can. I think I do a pretty good job of this one, but I can always be better. We all can.

That’s what I’ve got! It’s a rather long list, but I think I can do it. Feel free to hold me to these and check on my progress when you see or talk to me.


Plans for the week: Lakers-Clippers game with my uncle, going for a long run on the beach, making a new butternut squash soup recipe.

Currently reading: The Senator’s Wife

Song of the week: One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”

Currently watching: Breaking Bad, season 5.

  1. This is such an Amy post, and I love it. I miss making and sharing goals and to-do lists with you. #twainPAlife

    My thoughts:
    I’m happy you’re finally in California and loving your job! I didn’t realize you had ended your relationship, though. Crazy. I want to play more guitar and read more this year, too! One of my friends was just swearing today that this worked for them to fall asleep faster, so you might try it: http://www.byrdie.com/how-to-fall-asleep-fast

    Also, understatement of the year: “I have a tendency to live by the to-do list.” 😉

    You go, girl! Knowing you, you will have no problem accomplishing all of these things in 2015.

  2. Amy,
    Also suggest you add another running goal….stay upright!! Just kidding…love the blog…love the goals…Love You!!!!

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