Week 12: Just don’t call it luck

Ever since my move 10 months ago, from time to time it has come up that I am lucky to live in Los Angeles, to be somewhere warm, to not have to deal with snow. I have also, at many times over the past four years, been told I am so lucky to work at ESPN.

I don’t like that notion.

Because I don’t like being called lucky.

Luck isn’t something you work toward. It isn’t something you plan. It isn’t something you strive above and beyond to reach. It isn’t something you make happen.

Luck is a random occurrence, due by no means to merit or effort. Luck is a winning lottery ticket. Luck is being dealt a good hand. Luck is being born somewhere warm and sunny.

Very little in my life is due to luck or chance or randomness.

Am I fortunate? Yes. Have many things worked in my favor? Yes. Am I blessed? Yes. Do I have a lot to be thankful for every day? Yes.

I never lose sight of all of that. But I resent the idea that I am lucky.

I have worked my butt off for years — in school, at internships, in jobs. Then I worked my butt off to get this job, to plan this move, to pay for this move. And now that I’m here? Yup, still working my butt off, juggling two jobs to make this day-to-day life possible.

I have known for as long as I can remember that I wanted to live in California, and I put many ducks in a row to make this happen. Don’t get me wrong — it’s all worth it and I am so thankful — but it didn’t just happen. I made it happen.

I remember a conversation after I first got my job at ESPN The Magazine. I was telling a family friend about it and said I was very lucky to get the job. He stopped me. “No, you made your own luck.” I loved that and have never forgotten it.

Fast-forward four years, and one of my friends noted recently that my L.A. life was “very intentioned.” She is right.

Every part of the creation of and transition to this phase of my life was well thought-out, a long time in the making, earned through hard work and brought about through great effort.

None of those is something you can chalk up to luck.


Currently watching: Catching up on latest episodes of my shows — not much TV time this week.

Currently reading: The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith

Song of the week: Florence and the Machine’s “What Kind of Man”

Plans for the weekend: After a week of the Getty Museum, California Adventure, Manhattan Beach, Newsies, a Venice bike ride, American Idol, Santa Monica beach and a Topanga Canyon hike, I am off to Greece tomorrow to meet my sister on her spring break. As such, next week will be my first week of 2015 without a blog post.


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