Week 31: July in review

I’ve been doing some reflecting lately, mostly just trying to be cognizant of my feelings, actions, relationships, choices, etc.

I’ve come to realize something: July 2015 was one of my favorite and most fun months ever. That’s a bold statement, I realize, but it’s true.

The entire month was a string of great weekends. To kick it off, I had friends come to visit, then I spent the fourth with my family. Then I went to San Diego for a great girls’ weekend with a high school friend. Then an ESPN friend was in town, and we had a great time taking advantage of her work perks. Then my Connecticut roommate moved to L.A., so we spent about a week celebrating and catching up. Throughout all that, I spent a lot of time with my friends here, so I logged a lot of quality girl time, nights out and great conversations. Also, work has been great, which is always a plus.

Undoubtedly, one reason I enjoyed the month so much is I have been feeling settled. That’s a rare thing for me, between seemingly constant travel and a crazy work schedule. But July was the first month since I moved to Los Angeles (seriously!) that I didn’t leave southern California. It was also one of the few months in which I had a regular work schedule and regular time off. Being able to stay put and settle into a routine unquestionably helped me relax and enjoy.

But here’s the funny thing: For a good portion of the month, I was actually having a hard time emotionally. I have been feeling unimportant to and taken for granted by quite a few friends and family members lately, and I fell for a guy who pretty much disappeared on me after stringing me along and making me believe he liked me. Between those two factors, I was bumming quite a bit, yet I kept living my life and focusing on my friends and having a great time, and now here I am looking back on July as an amazing month.

Feeling low but having a blast — it’s an interesting dichotomy. I’m not sure if it’s evidence of mind over matter or keep calm and carry on or some other cliché. More likely, it just shows you can feel multiple things at once. But it’s also a reminder of how important and powerful female friendships are. That’s where I invested most of my time and energy the past month, and the dividends were huge — so rewarding and fulfilling. Especially in this phase of my life, my girlfriends are so essential to my happiness and well-being, and I am incredibly grateful to have found new, wonderful friends (as well as old, wonderful friends) to be part of my life in L.A.

No matter how it happened, July 2015 was a great time and a great ride. I’m actually still on a high from it. Let’s hope August can keep up.


Currently reading: Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier (still)

Currently watching: How I Met Your Mother, season 6

Song of the week: Keith Urban’s “John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16” (so much great new country music right now)

Plans for the weekend: A friend from Connecticut is visiting! We have plans to go out, go to Disneyland, go to an Angels game, go to the beach, go hiking and just enjoy!


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