Week 9: A one-day vacation

I have read a few times that shorter trips taken frequently do more for our psyches than longer vacations at sporadic intervals. Basically, regular, weekend trips make you a happier person than week-long vacations twice a year.

I’m inclined to think this is true. That might be because I really like planning things and having things to look forward to (I have an app on my phone for countdowns, and it’s currently counting down to six things), but I do think there is something to be said for the mini-vacation.

It takes less planning and money than a big trip. It requires minimal time off and work prep. It can be done without flights or long drives. Yet you still reap the benefits of getting away.

Case in point: My Saturday in Santa Barbara.

I carved out the day with my two best friends in L.A. as a way to celebrate my birthday. They are two of the busiest ladies I know (as well as the sweetest, funniest and most supportive friends, for the record), so it was a minor miracle for all three of us to be free and not working on a Saturday.

They were totally enthusiastic about the day. We drove up first thing in the morning and came home after dark. They packed snacks and got coffee and told everyone it was my birthday and spoiled me with birthday love. We had a great day of drinking wine, talking, relaxing, exploring and just enjoying one another’s company.

It was so much fun and such great, quality girl time. And you know what? One of the best parts of the day was that it was a complete exhale for all three of us — no email, no stress, no chores, no work, no errands, no plans. That’s a rare treat. I’m so glad my birthday could give that to my friends.

Even though we live in a place vacations are made of, it’s easy to fall into the routines of everyday life. Saturdays are often consumed by cleaning, grocery shopping, working out, etc. We don’t spend all weekend, every weekend at the beach (though we should!). Even for weather-spoiled, winter-free girls such as us,  it’s sometimes necessary to reserve a one-day vacation.

A one-day vacation is what Santa Barbara was. By the time we got back Saturday night, all three of us were relaxed and content. The next few days, I felt refreshed, like I’d gotten away and taken a break.

We were gone a total of 10 hours. Maybe that’s all it takes.


Currently reading: Body Surfing by Anita Shreve

Currently watching: The Affair, season 1

Song of the week: Jason Bay’s “Scars”

Plans for the week: Family birthday dinner on Wednesday, birthday night out with friends on Friday, beach on Saturday (my life is rough, huh?)

  1. How quickly do you go through books?? Every week it’s a new one!

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