Vox Magazine: Department editor

Here are some clips from my spring 2010 work as a department editor for Vox magazine, a weekly city tabloid at the Missouri School of Journalism in Columbia, Mo.

Vox asks Columbians: What’s your favorite word?

Mid-Missouri writers make ends meet

Vox asks Columbians: What is your most irrational fear?

On the job: Music teacher

Vox asks Columbians: What movie most resembles the plot of your life?

Take a picture: Photo in CoMo

Vox asks Columbians: What’s your favorite kind of cheese?

On the job: Hair stylist

Vox asks Columbians: Who’s the sexiest religious figure?

Unemployment in CoMo: Jon Hammond

Unemployment in CoMo: Where to go next

Elaine Viets: Super sleuth

On the nightstand: Elaine Viets

The many jobs of Elaine Viets

Book review: Half-Price Homicide

Wax on, wax off

On the job: Self-defense instructor

On the job: Eye bank technician

Garden reads

On the job: Paranormal Investigator

Vox asks Columbians: What one food would you eat for the rest of your life?

iPad: A game changer?

Vox asks Columbians: What’s your favorite board game?

On the nightstand: Speer Morgan

Mid-Mo comics hit the Web

Twain on the brain

Mirtsching’s slice of life

Dry cleaning in CoMo

On the job: Pageant director

Read this: Missouri guidebooks

East meets Midwest

On the nightstand: Peter Hessler

Q&A: Peter Hessler

Getting your fix in Columbia

Who’s checkin’ you out?

On the job: Master jeweler

Battle of the bulge


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